Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue was a screamo band hailing from Des Moines. Taking their influence and style from sassy San Diego screamo bands, they formed in early 2000 when Dameon Parker, looking to play guitar in a hardcore band, asked Joe Ross, then drummer of Eclipse of Eden (who, as a band, had just moved to Des Moines from Sioux City), to play drums for what was to become Rue Morgue. Coming into the fold on bass was Tasia Parker, on vocals was Spencer Williams, drummer for In Loving Memory. Chris Davis offered up his talents as a second guitar player, and, rounding out the lineup was Scott Fogelbach as a second vocalist.

Rue Morgue was known for their entertaining and energetic live show, and they put on quite a few memorable ones. May of 2000 saw them opening for Hatebreed at Hairy Mary's, a punk rock bar in Des Moines, and for their entire set, televisions were playing scenes from DeadAlive on repeat. Specifically the gorey lawnmower scene. Over and over. Other standout shows included playing with pg. 99, Since By Man, and Kill the Slavemaster at the Botanical Center in Des Moines in July of 2000 and opening for Catharsis at the same place in November of 2000. The Catharsis show would turn out to be their final set.

In March of 2000 Rue Morgue recorded in Dameon's living room with the help of Andy Koettel of Captain Three Leg fame. What came of these recording sessions were eight tracks of screaming chaotic hardcore. CDrs were burned, packaging was made, and 100 copies of this self titled release were available at shows.

1. Red Rum
2. Sufficient Outfit for the Day
3. Why the Little Frenchman Wore his Arm in a Sling
4. Man, I Stuck My Arm in the Blender Again!!!
5. Elect Archie Brooks
6. Gary Busy's Teeth
7. Tending to the Link
8. This Side of the Road

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Eight recorded songs down and eight months after forming in the spring, Rue Morgue was to be no more. November of 2000 was their last month in existence. Multiple factors cited the breakup of the band, including Scott moving to St. Louis, Joe moving to Sioux City after the breakup of Eclipse of Eden, and Spencer not wanting to do vocals anymore. Chris went on to play guitar in Nuclear Kicks. Dameon would go on to perform in In Loving Memory for a short bit and then form This Dialogue, Scott went on to perform in Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Joe's main focus was Swing By Seven in Sioux City, and Spencer continued to play in In Loving Memory.

Special thanks to Jon Burns for the pictures. Check out his art blog here for a ton more pictures of Iowa bands:The Art of Jon Burns.
Special thanks for Jason from Old Scratch for scanning the CD cover art.