Monday, January 21, 2013


A few updates on some bands already posted on this blog before I update with some new bands:

The "unreleased" Big Box LP finally came out on wax thanks to Radio Is Down records out of Olympia, Washington.  After multiple long and drawn out sessions where we tried to come up with a name for the record including "Fucked At The Dump", we finally settled on Die Now.  I'm really stoked on how it came out.  It's a perverted, dirty sounding record.  Music you should listen to while applying corpse paint then rubbing your face in the dirt covering a filthy basement floor.  It's tough, full of stompers and a few rippers, and I would mosh to this live if I wasn't in the band.  Donnie Bandy is responsible for the cover art and Joe Milik, me, did the art for the back cover.  You can pick it up from us at a show or from the label!

1. Disease Is Crawling
2. Cut Up
3. When It's Easy
4. Burn Victim
5. Eat Something
6. Camera Shy
7. Like Another Drink
8. Brat Mouth
9. $5 Gummy Bear
10. Stagger On, Leashed

Click to download.

We went on a two week midwest and top of the south tour in October in support of this LP.  Recently we have been writing new songs alongside playing local shows and may soon be releasing a tape on Hurts To Hear, although nothing is solid at this point in time.


So, Solid Attitude's LP on Rotted Tooth came out on schedule and they went on tour to promote it.  Even though Maximum Rocknroll bagged the final artwork for the record as "shitgaze bullshit" (or something similar, stay in California forever and get mugged by a junkie in Oakland please), the art done by Justin Thye of Goldendust and Wet Hair is actually fantastic and it was definitely my favorite record cover art from last year.  The record itself, finally ending up being called BB Gun Picnic, is one of my favorites of last year, too.  Noisy and very, very catchy frantic punk rock with the stream of consciousness vocal thoughts of a mad man on top of it all.  It's poppy, but it's not pop punk.  Slight hints of snotty hardcore pokes it head through every so often.  It rules.  The last track, Smoking Sheets, is the best ender for a record I've heard in awhile.  Oh yeah, let's get this straightened out once in for all: this record was recorded by Tucker Burns at his studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Buy the LP from Rotted Tooth!

1. Black Wall
2. Shit Business Pt 1
3. Shit Business Pt 2
4. (Cool) With Me
5. Black Pocket
6. Solid Ettiquette
7. Punk Beer
8. Can't Chill Out
9. Disco Nap
10. Volume
11. Smoking Sheets

Click to download

Solid Attitude has a few records planned for the future, with a 7" on Sweet Rot out next month.  It's gonna be good.  The band is planning a two week east coast tour in April, so be on the lookout for that. 


Supersonic Piss, still killing it live, still disturbed, still down with the sickness.  The band has been playing mostly local shows only lately with a few out of town dates here and there, but that didn't stop them from releasing a new 7" in the meantime.  Recorded in the basement of 109 N. Dodge in Iowa City by John Hopkins (the sound guy for Corrosion of Conformity or something?) at the end of February 2012, this self titled EP was released on Youth Camp Records in September of the same year.  It's a mean and foul piece of wax, totally crushing trashcore, the best the band has sounded recorded as far as I'm concerned.  The drums sound awesome and you can hear every hit when those nasty hammer blasts kick in.  There's a lot of weird shit going on here, like the goofy backup singing on the second track, New Bruises.  Paige was responsible for the awesome cootie catcher insert that comes with the record.  Download it below but make sure to pick up a copy from the Youth Camp website.
1. Choke Yourself Awake
2. New Bruises
3. Slather Me Up
4. Bag of Apologies
5. Good Housewife

Click to download.

As far as future touring plans for the band go, I personally could not say.  They should tour a bit on this new 7" since it is sick, but don't ask me. 

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