Monday, July 8, 2013

Save Me From Ordinary: Three Decades of Hardcore Punk Rock in Iowa

 Three Decades of Hardcore Punk Rock in Iowa

Curated by:
Joseph William Clark Milik, esq.

A brief look at the bright but, for the most part, unsung past and present of hardcore punk rock from the state of Iowa.  The songs here-in are the products of different strange scenes spread out across the years and the state, or, often times, the product of absolutely no scene at all.  By no means an exhaustive list, this compilation represents only a tiny portion of Iowa's bands ranging from the early days on the verge of being lost to time to more modern and current bands making their own noise.  A curious history to say the least, and one that I believe deserves a second look and more recognition than it receives.  The music speaks for itself.  Go start your own band."

"Save Me From Ordinary: Three Decades of Hardcore Punk Rock in Iowa" is a CDr of some of my favorite IAHC tunes that I compiled to give away on the most recent NERV tour we did out east, down to the tip of Florida, back across the south, then up through the Midwest.  I didn't ask any of the band's permission to use these tracks so I handed out copies of the CDr for free. By the end of the tour I ran out of copies, but you can download the compilation below:

1. Abscess - Home
2. Preachers - You Don't Understand
3. Pent-Up Aggression - Wake Up (And Smell The Coffee)
4. Human Error - Mig21
5. Stiff Legged Sheep - Drunk With A Gun
6. Coldsore - Out Of Line
7. Forced Expression - Forced Expression
8. The Kinship - Still Life
9. Song of Zarathustra - One Strike At Romance
10. Captain 3 Leg - Untitled
11. Eclipse of Eden - Envy The Ignorant
12. In Loving Memory.. - This Is Ours
13. Black Market Fetus - Stagnation
14. The Creepy Kids - Curb Stomp
15. Swing By Seven - The First Taste
16. Ten Grand - I Will Seriously Pay You To Shut Up
17. Modern Life Is War - War
18. Meth And Goats - Dope Tantrum
19. Too Pure To Die - We Are A Weapon
20. Patrick Swayze's Ghost - Plan 9
21. Through Hard Times - Moving On
22. Quick Fix - Material Bullshit
23. These Needles - When Consumption Assumes Disposition
24. Approaching Nain - Made With Forealsie
25. Los Voltage - Rock N Roll Summer
26. Agress - Personal Poison
27. Omens - Disgust
28. Supersonic Piss - Bag Of Apologies
29. Big Box - $5 Gummy Bear
30. NERV - Zits

Click to download.

Recently I have burned more copies of this CDr to give away for free at shows and at record stores in my area, Iowa City.  I will try and get them to other places in the state.  Each copy comes with a cool map and information on each individual band and track like where the band was from, when they were from, and what recording the song comes from.  If you're interested in a physical copy of this compilation, e-mail me at  Otherwise, enjoy the download.

For those wanting to know, the cover image is of Supersonic Piss playing a Mission Bleak show in Iowa City at the Tobacco Bowl on March 31st, 2011.  The photo was taken by Erik Bandy.  It was one of the most fun and wild shows I've been to, completely packed with people diving off the coffee bar.  If you look close, you'll spot the "author" in the crowd.


  1. First off, thanks! I grew up in Iowa, in Mason City, so I was boys with the Kinship kids. Crazy to see their stuff on an mp3. Also, THANK YOU for dating the songs. I'm a music nerd and it was going to drive me insane not knowing when all of these came out.

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  3. Rad!!! Reminiscing big time. Thank you!