Thursday, May 6, 2010


Druids is a sludgey doom metal duo based out of Pella. Rising from the ashes of his previous band Swarms, Luke Rauch came together with Keith Rich in the September of 2008, Luke on bass and Keith on drums, to continue the sound that Swarms had come to be known for, but with more of a lean towards the sludge and doom side of metal than ever before.

Soon after forming, Druids began to play numerous shows around Iowa and the rest of the midwest, and also began trying out bass players as Luke moved to play guitar for the group. Kyle Walsh of the hardcore band Monstro stepped up to bat as Druids' new bass player, but parted ways after only a single show. It seems that Druids works best as a two piece. Luke continues on in Druids playing guitar.

In July of 2009, Druids walked into the studio to record their debut album, Pray For Water. They recorded with their good friend Brooks Edwards in his home. What came of this recording session was 7 tracks in 23 crushing minutes. Pray For Water was released on September 17th, 2009 on limited edition CD on Ruleogy Records, and later that year on cassete by Ea, Lord of the Tapes.

1. The Beginning of Fire
2. The Wold
3. Horus: Part One
4. Horus: Part Two
5. Salvation The Destructor
6. Noise Forest Ablaze
7. Soresophagus

Click to download.

Druids have several plans for the future. Pray For Water is being re-released on CD by Austrian label PsychDOOMelic Records, and then reissued on LP by Don't Shoot Records. Both should be available soon. Druids is heading out on the road soon for a midwest mini tour with Iowa City/Dubuque droney doom crushers Aseethe. Also this summer Druids will be recording the followup to Pray For Water.

If you are down with the heavy at all, definitely keep an eye on Druids.

Check their website out: Druids.


  1. Whatever happened to Keith Rich? Has anyone heard from him lately?

    1. I am still alive and well! :)

      I've actually been working on music, by myself, since June of last year. I've put out an EP and am currently working on a full length.

      Check stuff out at

      Thanks for being concerned! I wonder who you are now!