Thursday, May 6, 2010

Supersonic Piss

Supersonic Piss is a noisy and spastic punk band that calls Iowa City home. Taking influence from bands like Melt Banana, AIDS Wolf, and the all important de-tuned and hardly distinguishable melodies and riffage of Flipper, Supersonic Piss play a blown out and somewhat sludge influenced style of hardcore punk that is very unique and ironically distinguished when compared with the rest of the state. After ending an earlier project called Gussy Down, the original incarnation of the band came together as Colin Samek on guitar, Jason Miller on drums, and Josh Hoffman on microkorg, later switching to playing bass.

Supersonic piss began to play shows after their first performance at the Glory Hole in March of 2008. They found the city of Iowa City to be completely welcoming to their sound by playing venues such as the before mentioned Glory Hole, the Picador, and the Cave of Spirits. These were the spots that Supersonic Piss began to develop the intensity of their live show, usually involving Colin throwing down his guitar, grabbing the mic and rushing into show attendees. Audience participation is key as well, as smoke bombs and beer spraying onto Jason is usually commonplace at their shows.

After experimenting with their sound a little more, Josh made the move to bass and Supersonic Piss geared up to record. In the basement of the Glory Hole and with the help of Brendan O'Keefe, Supersonic Piss laid down three tracks to be used on a split cassette with now defunct Iowa City metal outfit Coronation. After recording, this split was released by the Detrivore label in the Summer/Fall season of 2008.

Supersonic Piss side:
1. Fuck You Too
2. Stopfuck
3. Sludge
Coronation side:
1. Mr. Six

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After roughly 8 months of being a band, the band felt that they needed a front person that would, well, push people around. Soon enough, Paige Harwell joined as the new front woman of Supersonic Piss, and their already unpredictable live show became just that much more intense with her going off during live sets, screaming and thrashing around. With new member Paige in tow, Supersonic Piss was ready to record some new songs.

In the Fall of 2009, after cramming all their gear into the space known as the Possum Dick, the band enlisted the help of Brad Highnam to help them record the cassette that would come to be called Meat. After finishing up the recording, Meat would be released on Jason's own label. This can definitely be seen as the release where Supersonic Piss really begins to develop their sound.

1. #ing#$et
2. Rapefarm
3. Breaking Glass
4. Girlbag
5. STU
6. Cushion Fuck

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There have been some very memorable shows so far in Supersonic Piss' fucked up existence. The one show that all members of the band can agree on as being the most memorable as Valentine's Day, 2009 at the Glory Hole. Supersonic Piss was to play last, and by the time they went on, alcohol had done its dirty deed. About 3 songs into the set, Josh slipped on a beer bottle, fell, and dislocated his shoulder. The next morning the basement was covered with beer, blood and polaroids of this guy named Greg's dick. Another very memorable show for the band has to be Bitchpork fest 2009 in Chicago.

Future plans for Supersonic Piss are probably to get fucked up and play more shows. They seem to be developing an even more spastic and trashy style as of late, so make sure to check that out soon. Near future plans for the band include an east coast tour with hardcore punk Iowa City brothers These Needles and hopefully recording more tracks to go on a split with that band.

Check Supersonic Piss out, go to a show, just don't wear anything you don't want to be stained, to be sticky, or to be smelly, and don't touch Colin unless you want a guitar to fly at your head.

Thanks to Josh for the information.
Check out the bands website: Supersonic Piss.

You can pick up Meat at shows or at the Record Collector in Iowa City.



Ooookay. Supersonic Piss, here's a band that's done some stuff since I first put up their page. We last saw Supersonic Piss getting ready to go on tour to the east coast with my old band These Needles in late May and early June of 2010. In order to have some shit to slang on this tour, Supersonic Piss and These Needles recorded a split tape. This tape was released as Brendan Records 02 and the art was done by Joe Heuermann.

Supersonic Piss Side
1. Toilet Death
2. Father Bother
3. Buck Angel of Death
4. Rape Farm
5. Skate
6. Oh, the Nut Sack

These Needles Side
1. Six Pack
2. I Have the Power... To Change the Channel
3. Protoculture Ooze
4. Old & Die Phase
5. When Consumption Assumes Disposition
6. Gutted
7. Indeed I Am My Brother's Keeper
8. Overripe
9. Sleepwalk

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This was a great tour. I had a lot of fun and played some fun shows. I really started to appreciate Supersonic Piss at this point in time. Not that I didn't like them before, but seeing them play every night was a treat for sure. The kick off show at 109 N. Dodge in Iowa City, known as the Mold Nugget at the point in time, was a fun time (Cruciform played as well), and Jason Salek of the Old Scratch Revival Singers and Iowa City hardcore band Los Voltage recorded the show on tape player. Jason Miller, drummer of Supersonic Piss, took this recording and released the Supersonic Piss set as a live tape. I didn't bother to split the tracks up as it's sort of all a blurry, warbly mess, but I'm of the belief that any and all physical releases need to be electronically documented in one way or another, so, here you go, in all it's shittily dubbed glory:

1. Live at Mold Nugget Side A
2. Live at Mold Nugget Side B

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So, Jason released this live tape when we got back from the tour, and then eventually left the band itself to move back to Lincoln, Nebraska. Joe Ross, then guitar player of These Needles, took over as the drummer. They wrote an entirely new set (though later adding the "fan favorite" Rape Farm back into the fold) and this lineup first played with AIDS Wold and These Needles at the White Lightning Warehouse in Iowa City. After polishing the new songs off, the band traveled to the Quad Cities to record with Ray Malone of Meth and Goats at Sound and Vision Studios in Rock Island. I remember coming home from my first trip to India in February and going to this recording session. Brendan Wells and I got a guest vocal spot at the end of the song "Spit in Your Face" (seriously, let me sing in your hardcore band) and I play drums on "Joe Milik 2010". It was fun. This self titled (it is NOT called "Umbilical Noose" no matter what the internet says) record was released on wax by Rotted Tooth Recordings in April of 2011.

1. Go Home Dad, You're Drunk Pt. 1
2. Go Home Dad, You're Drunk Pt. 2
3. P-U-N-K-S-I-C-K
4. Factory
5. Baby Doll
6. Time To Leave the Party
7. Girls' Night Out
8. Not Today
9. Say It Ain't So
10. Less of Me
11. Spit In Your Face
12. Joe Milik 2010

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The band did a few tours on this record, including an entire (well, almost) one month US tour called the Spread Eagle tour, and numerous tours out to the coasts and back. The LP was eventually repressed. The new songs written after this LP were kinda cool to watch develop. Joe Ross had really gotten into death metal at that point in time, so the new songs, at least as far as drumming goes, were a weird hybrid of fucked up heavy hardcore drumming and technical and blasty death metal drumming. Me likey. Soon enough, in October of 2011, Supersonic Piss hooked up with Minneapolis plodding heavy punk psychers The Liz (of whose guitar player Eddie Kijowski used to play all the time with the "old" Supersonic Piss in his punk band Permanent Vacation) and released a split tape that both bands toured on out to the east coast and back in November. Supersonic Piss' side was titled "Garbage Life" and The Liz went with "Flowers From the North". Art by Donnie Bandy, recording done by Ray Malone and Sound and Vision.

Supersonic Piss side.
1. Chicks With Dicks
2. Secret Hideaway
3. Choke Yourself Awake
4. Took Pills
5. Pitchin
6. Piece of Meat
7. Rape Farm
8. Untitled

The Liz side.
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled

Click to download.

Supersonic Piss has recorded for a 7" to be released sometime in the near future, within the next few months. I can't wait.



Supersonic Piss, still killing it live, still disturbed, still down with the sickness.  The band has been playing mostly local shows only lately with a few out of town dates here and there, but that didn't stop them from releasing a new 7" in the meantime.  Recorded in the basement of 109 N. Dodge in Iowa City by John Hopkins (the sound guy for Corrosion of Conformity or something?) at the end of February 2012, this self titled EP was released on Youth Camp Records in September of the same year.  It's a mean and foul piece of wax, totally crushing trashcore, the best the band has sounded recorded as far as I'm concerned.  The drums sound awesome and you can hear every hit when those nasty hammer blasts kick in.  There's a lot of weird shit going on here, like the goofy backup singing on the second track, New Bruises.  Paige was responsible for the awesome cootie catcher insert that comes with the record.  Download it below but make sure to pick up a copy from the Youth Camp website.
1. Choke Yourself Awake
2. New Bruises
3. Slather Me Up
4. Bag of Apologies
5. Good Housewife

Click to download.

As far as future touring plans for the band go, I personally could not say.  They should tour a bit on this new 7" since it is sick, but don't ask me.



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