Thursday, May 6, 2010

Through Hard Times

Through Hard Times was a youth crew band from Iowa City. Taking influence from early hardcore bands like Minor Threat and late 80s style youth crew bands such as 7 Seconds and Youth of Today, Through Hard Times formed in the fall of 2005. Singer Aaron Bos-Wahl got the word out around the local scene that he was looking for members to start an old style hardcore band. Soon after Chad Ferguson joined on guitar, Dan Sewinksi jumped in on bass, and Jordan Josephsen filled the lineup on the drums.

In the one and a half years of its existence, Through Hard Times played a large amount of memorable shows all across Iowa and did a tour around the midwest with Des Moines street punk band Suburban Scum. The first show ever at Clover Tattoo in Cedar Rapids saw them playing with In Defence, which jump started In Defence's close relationship with Iowa, as it was their first time playing in the state. On St. Patrick's Day in Des Moines, Through Hard Times played with NYHC band Murphy's Law at Hairy Mary's, even though Murhpy's Law didn't show up to the show until well passed midnight.

In the winter of 2005, soon after they formed, Through Hard Times got to work on recording a demo. Setting up all their equipment in Chad and Aaron's basement, a demo was recorded using a single room mic. This demo included a cover of Uniform Choice's "Screaming for Change".

1. Privileged
2. Through Hard Times
3. Moving On
4. Brighter Days
5. Make It Count
6. Screaming For Change
7. Stand Up

Click to download.

A few months after this basement demo was recorded, Through Hard Times headed to Cedar Falls to record with Chris Brown of the Beat Strings in his recording studio. These recordings, which are much better sounding re-recordigns of the demo, came to be known as the Moving On EP. The track "Through Hard Times" was featured on the second of the Under the Mic compilations, a compilation series showcasing the best music from Iowa.

1. Brighter Days
2. Moving On
3. Privileged
4. Make It Count
5. Through Hard Times
6. Stand Up

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Although the original line up remained consistent through both the recording of the demo and the Moving On EP, Through Hard Times went through many different bass players. Spenser Ford filled in numerous times for Iowa City shows, and Bryce Secor from Cedar Falls filled in once.

After playing shows all over Iowa, including numerous incredible shows at the Hall Mall in Iowa City, things would start to slow down for Through Hard Times. Aaron moved to Central America to study abroad for a semester, and with the question of who would be a permanent bass player when he returned, the future of the band was uncertain. Aaron moving to St Louis on his return to the United States and Jordan moving to Des Moines cemented the end of the band. April 13th, 2007 would end up being Through Hard Times' last show. It was played at the Yacht Club in Iowa City with Lipstick Homicide and the Creepy Kids (which ended being their second to last show).

Jordan was the only member still involved in music after Through Hard Times. He went on to play drums in the Des Moines bands Circlepit Assholes and Knuckled Down, and bass in Die Mutts. A reunion show is being planned for this summer in Iowa City. More news on that will be posted when it becomes more official. We can all hope Iowa City will be more ready this time around.

Thanks to Jordan for all the information.
Thanks to Chad for the EP scans.

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